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Stop Foreclosures in Bergen County

I have recently become a member of the Stop Foreclosure Institute.

After much careful research, I recently joined with a group out of Gainesville, FL, called the Stop Foreclosure Institute.

As a REALTOR®,  I strongly believe in home ownership (and yes, I do own my own home), and in keeping with my beliefs, I wish to help everyone I can to keep their homes.

I realize that many people are having financial difficulties in this economy, and I want people to know that there are a lot of options out there if they want to and are able to remain in their home.

I am not naive, though, and I realize that no matter what, many people will have no choice, and will not be able to afford to stay in their homes for whatever reason. If you or someone you know is in this situation, you do still have choices as to how you will proceed.

You can do nothing and allow the bank to foreclose on your home. You can declare bankruptcy, which in all likelihood will eventually end up in foreclosure, although it may slow the process down. Or you can negotiate a short sale with your lender, which may save your credit down the road.

If you know anyone who is in financial distress and who needs help to stay in their home, send them to my new website. There they will be able to get a lot of the answers they need, and if they can modify their loan and stay in their home, that is great. If not, I can help them with other options as well.

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